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Tech Tribe Dispatch #41


A diptych

“Contemplate three things, and you will not come to the hands of transgression: Know what is above from you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds being inscribed in a book.”
- Pirkei Avot 2:1

“‘Know what is above you’ know that everything above — all of the spiritual realms — is ‘from you’ — dependent on you and your actions.”
- Rabbi Dovber of Mezritch 


There is A LOT to do this month!

🔥On Tuesday, December 10th, join us for #MenorahMe - come for a nosh and schmooze and pick up menorahs and share them with your friends, coworkers and anyone else who may need.

🕎Get early access to our Virtual Reality Chanukah Party on December 23rd - before ticket prices go up next week!

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🌐 Join hundreds of young Jews from around the world for Encounter: CRWN HGHTS an immersive Shabbat experience over MLK weekend! Details and RSVP - message me for a promo code!

🙅‍♂️Our #FirstFridaySociety Shabbat meal is completely booked for tonight. If you want to come next month - keep an eye on this email!

The Spirit in the Server


Mazel Tov! The Only Known Brazilian-Born Holocaust Survivor Celebrates a Bar Mitzvah at 91

Remember - we’re almost to our year-end campaign goal. Help us get all the way there.

The Only Thing More Exciting Than Baby Yoda

Special Update!

Is our Matching Campaign!

With just 40% left and 5 hours to go, help us do amazing things for Jews in tech and digital media!

So It Is

👀 I Don't Know Why You'll Open This Email 🙃

Special Dispatch!

I know why you'll keep reading though...

  • You've been galvanized by the conversations of the #FirstFridaySociety!

  • You were inspired by the thoughts & musings in our Dispatch emails!

  • You've vied for a spot at #openShabbat, an island of serenity at SXSW!

  • You've been entertained by our talks, tweets and posts online - and off!

I hope that for all these reasons and more you'll join us in growing Tech Tribe!

We'll Keep It Simple

For the past four years Tech Tribe has blossomed into a community of young Jews in Tech and Digital Media.  

From TODAY, 12/3, until 10pm TOMORROW, 12/4 we have a special campaign page.
Every donation in these 36 hours will be DOUBLED! So your $1 will now be $2
Please donate whatever you can - and share with others! 

Let's do this!

Join us!

For the past four years Rabbi Mordechai and Chana Lightstone have helped Tech Tribe blossom into a vibrant community of young Jews in tech and digital media.
This Year we hope to do even more!

👉 In just the month of December we'll:

💰Host a #FirstFridaySociety discussion and meal about Bitcoin & Judaism!
🔥Give menorahs for community members to share with their friends
🕎Host our Virtual Reality Chanukah Party!

With even more to come - from large format Shabbat meals, office visits at NYC's Tech and Digital Media hubs, our 10th year at SXSW, classes and talks all in store for the year to come - your investment today can make a lasting difference!

We normally focus exclusively on content events and great experiences for you.
Please bear with us today as we make the rest of the new year's awesomeness a reality!

Thanks Living: Not A Black Friday Email

Tech Tribe Dispatch #40


The name Jew comes from the Hebrew name Judah, Yehudah. Contained within the name Yehudah is the word Hoda’ah, to give thanks. The act of giving thanks is to acknowledge our inner oneness, to get in touch with that core essential spark of G-dliness within us. We sublimate the dross crassness of the world, stripping away the ego and finding the inner voice of thanks within. That is what it means to be a Jew, to find humility and see the joy and G-dliness in all things.
That is, after all, our identity.

“Petitioner” by Yehudah Pen


🚨Our Matching Campaign for #GivingTuesday is this week - on 12/3!
Please join us in building an unbelievable community for Jews in Tech and digital media!

Join in!

₿ What’s the Talmudic take on Bitcoin? #FirstFriday Society is back on Friday, December 6th for another amazing Shabbat meal with a compelling curated conversation!

🕎 Tickets for our Virtual Reality Chanukah party go on sale next week, but you can join the event now!

🙌 Join Tech Tribe hundreds of young Jews from around the world for the annual Chabad Young Professionals Shabbaton! Tickets on sale now for the January 17th event!


⚖️ Judaism, Jails and Justice: The 98-year-old federal judge Judge Jack B. Weinstein speaks about criminal justice, the Aleph Institute, and the Rebbe’s influence on his life and work.

📱21 Things BuzzFeed News Tried And Loved In 2019. We love the Forest App!

You Have a Mission Because You Matter

Tech Tribe Dispatch #39


This weekend, 5000 Chabad emissaries from over 100 countries are gathering in Crown Heights.

But what does it mean to be an emissary? Each and every one of us, by dint of our being alive, is an emissary of G-d on high. As the saying goes, being born is G-d saying that you matter.

In Jewish thought there is a dialectic about the nature of being an emissary, of being shaliach. If I send you on a mission, are merely the result of your action attributed to me? Or do you somehow embody me on a more profound level. Perhaps by working in tandem, a deeper connection is forged - where the emissary achieves a level of self abnegation where he or she becomes entirely consumed by the mission.

The deepest level is in fact not the loss of self, the breaking of identity for the greater good, but rather embracing that which makes us unique. When we tap into our unique powers and abilities, then we are able to do something truly profound. That which makes us different is that with which we can accomplish the most.

Each and every one of us is an emissary of on High. By using our unique talents, we can accomplish something that no one else can.


  • Mark you calendar for our Chanukah party on Monday, December 23nd.

  • Join us for First Friday Society this December 6th as we discuss Bitcoin and its status in Jewish Law.

Grab Your Seat


Chabad of Venice ais battling the destructive flooding that’s destroying Serenissima

Friend of Tech Tribe Alexandra Schwartz gives updates from the land of Homo brooklycanus - the Park Slope Co-Op

Why the Berlin Holocaust Memorial is objectively terrible.

The last slice of of old Manhattan: The Diamond District, including the always delicious Taam-Tov

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